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Oops...I did it again! Posted on August 02, 2014, 0 Comments


For those of you who have been following some of my recent posts or are in a state of fragility at the moment, protect your head cause here comes another one of my infamous jabs of truth:

While there is really only one type of cholesterol, idiots come in all shapes and sizes.

Some of you didn't cover up, did you?  People!  People!  You really gotta get those hands up!  Maybe work on that confidence and self ownership a bit more, too.  But, narcissism--now that one you've got--since you appear to think whatever I write is aimed specifically at you.

But I truly don't think you're an idiot.  Heck, depending on who you are, I might not even know you.  And even if we have met; even if we've worked or played together, why would you think I was referring to you?  Is there something in our past relationship which makes you think I was calling you out?  Or is it more plausible that some aspect of your relationship with Self is throwing you under the bus?

At worse I think you're misinformed.  You've been lied to--often by folks who have agendas which are financial, religious, political, or otherwise (these were actually the object of my name-calling).  Of course, many of the misinformed are just regurgitating what they were taught--sometimes by people who were simply misinformed themselves.  It's a vicious cycle and hard to break until we learn to think for ourselves.

So let's examine the quote: "there is only one type of cholesterol".  That's true.  While some people may like to reference HDL and LDL or IDL, VLDL, etc, these are actually types of lipoproteins and not cholesterol (the differences I explain--and hopefully not too tediously--in my forthcoming book).

The statement "idiots come in all shapes and sizes" is a bit more subjective, however.  It's also the reason why I'm currently spending time on this post rather than working on my book.  Yet, I enjoy almost any type of writing and consider it good practice.  Besides, I fully expected a firestorm reaction.  And I have to say--you all did not disappoint.

One of the comments I received was "if you have the role of teacher coach, why not just teach it without using pejoratives or name calling?  Good teaching doesn't require it."  And I would answer that question (maddeningly) with a question: aren't we all teachers?  Now, if that's not a thought you've ever considered, I can assure you that the example we're living everyday is a lesson for others.

Are we working or training beyond our bodies' capacity to adapt?  Do we get enough sleep?  Do the people who love and depend on us see us taking care of ourselves or are we showing them that health isn't as important as fancy cars and big houses?  Do others see us recycling and think twice before they unconsciously throw something in the trash?  Does our family admire our dedication for pursuing a passion or for standing up for what we believe?

The author of the above comment (and I'm sure she's not alone) obviously believes that my choice of words was in poor taste.  And neither her view nor any of the actions referenced above are right or wrong--they're just opinions or choices.  I think that often the feelings or beliefs we associate with a word, a food or even an event cause us to react in ways we ourselves can't explain.  Although sometimes the reason is all too clear.

I was racing in Belgium back in the mid 1990's when I suffered my second concussion.  Strung out single file, the leaders were riding in the gutter so that everyone had to fight the wind which was blowing from the left like a brick wall.  I was six inches off the wheel ahead of mine focusing all my faith on the anonymous rider in front of me.  The concrete median which exploded into consciousness a millisecond before I slammed into it immediately broke my bike, my body, and my trust.  My season was over.  And so was my career if I couldn't overcome the mind virus which infected me that day.  It told me to quit.  It told me cycling was too dangerous.  Every time the wind shifted and shaped the peloton into a long, thin line at the very edge of the road, an urgent whisper begged me to back off the wheel in front; to ease my pedaling, to open up a small gap.  Facing the wind was easier than facing the fear.  And the void which was growing kept getting larger.  Yet I knew that if I didn't close the gap soon, I would never be able to bridge it.

That virus still lives inside of me along with many others.  I really don't know if you can kill them once they take hold.  The only thing to do is recognize when they're flaring up.  That way, it becomes somewhat of a symbiotic relationship.  Each time you become aware that some past infection is working to get you to think or act a certain way, you have the potential to take your consciousness to a new level.  And every time you succeed, you inevitably bring someone up with you.

One of the reasons I blog or post on FB is the knowledge I want to share--a message of personal and environmental health which I believe is sorely needed right now.  And I fully realize I cannot do it alone.  So I offer it to a larger audience knowing they can help me make the impact I envision.  But we're bearing this message to a health and nutrition world which is flat and consider us heretics for believing it's round.  They're going to yell at us.  They'll berate us and ridicule us.  They already call us worse than idiots for threatening their ideology and maybe even their security.  So those who aren't comfortable with the vernacular I use in random posts, I honestly do understand and appreciate your point.  But it also tells me that perhaps you simply aren't in a place to help me--not right now at least.

Those with whom I've had the pleasure to train or coach have probably all had different experiences with me.  If they didn't reference my height, you might think they were talking about completely separate people.  My relationship with each one of them is unique, requiring a set of skills I adapt and adjust according to the individual.  And whether I am harder or easier on a client, I always try to handle each case with care.  Every one of us is fragile in different ways.  So, I've learned to listen to my intuition.  And she rarely steers me wrong.  Thus, for those of you with reservations about my tone or choice of words or even the information in that post, maybe you were not my intended audience.  And if that's the case, is it feasible that a pejorative was exactly what one of my readers needed in order to fully understand the point I was making?  Why take that opportunity away from them just to make yourself more comfortable with the conversation? My choice of words can be a strong stimulus--one over which you have no control, no say.  Indeed, your only power (though it's stronger than many of you may realize) lies in your reaction to that stimulus.  Nobody can make you feel a certain way via actions or words unless you allow them to.  So take ownership for what you're creating moment to moment.  That's one of the key steps toward health.  But it's not easy!  Hell, I am far from perfect at it myself.  But we can all get more proficient at it with practice.  A quote which has really helped me in this regard is one of Arnold Patent's 24 Universal Principles which reads:

I acknowledge the circumstances of my life and know that I am responsible for them.  Without judging myself or anyone, I take responsibility for their creation.  I now open myself to experience everything according to my ideal.

There are no accidents in the Universe.  We always receive what we want.  Since many of our wants are subconscious, the only foolproof way to know what we want is to see what we have.  Once we are willing to take total responsibility for everything we experience, we offer ourselves the opportunity to experience the ideal and be peaceful and joyful under all circumstances.


For those of you who've made it this far with me, you may find the following entry enlightening:  It's kinda the prequel to everything I wrote about today.   And one thing's for sure--it shows that I should definitely stick to cycling as it's obvious I don't box that well.  I keep getting hit by my own punches--even the ones I saw coming from a mile away.  Either way, I'd like to thank each of you who has joined me in taking responsibility for themselves.  There is a collective consciousness which is changing because of you.  And I'm beginning to like where it's taking us.   

Only Joy is Real Posted on August 17, 2013, 0 Comments

I recognize and release the joy within myself.  Love-energy expresses through me to all people and all things.  Any obstacles to my joy are dissolved.  I experience joy by being joyful.

The only real feeling we ever have is joy.  Any part of our lives which we experience as less than joyful is an illusion. 

Then energy of Universal Intelligence is not available to support non-joyful, non-loving illusions.  Such illusions are sustained by our own will of mind and will of emotions.  That is why dealing with illusions is so tiring.

Focus your attention on the quality of your desire.  Quality of life is the feeling that is the setting for the events and the people that pass through our lives.  Most of us have buried the joy beneath layers and layers of illusory feelings.  It is necessary to keep peeling the layers of illusions away until joy is uncovered and allowed to fill our being.

The only obstacle to releasing joy is the unwillingness to feel love for ourselves and others.  

Feeling Posted on July 22, 2013, 0 Comments

I acknowledge the wisdom of the heart-energy, the intelligence of feeling.  I welcome and honor my own Higher-Mind faculty of knowing-through-feeling.

Once we have embarked upon the path of releasing beliefs that limit us in any way, we reach a point where we focus on experiencing life at the heart, or feeling level, rather than approaching it at the intellectual or head level.  As we progress, we notice that we need only live life through the Intelligence of the Heart.

Abundance Posted on July 09, 2013, 0 Comments

Abundance is the natural state of affairs in the Universe; it flows in my life as I release all attachment to it.

I release that which resists the manifestation of abundance in all aspects of my life.  I acknowledge all that I have and express gratitude for it.  I open to receive.

The more joy we focus on the things in life that are working perfectly--joys, health, and harmonies in relationship, the more they increase.  Abundance is truly all around us and only fails to flow into our lives when we resist it.

True abundance is in infinite supply.  We give and receive abundantly.  The more we give and receive love, the more we open ourselves to receive and to give those things which represent love. 

Means and Ends are Identical Posted on June 18, 2013, 0 Comments

I align my motives and my means with the highest perception of my heart, my Higher-Mind.  I acknowledge my clear intention to harmonize means with ends.

Whatever means we select to achieve a result determines the result.  Expressing anger expands it.  Expressing peacefulness opens us to our inner peace and joyfulness.

Integrity is expressing how we really feel, knowing that all feelings are grounded in love.

Releasing the Past, Living in the Present Posted on May 28, 2013, 0 Comments

I now let go of all negative or distorted thoughts and memories.  The past no longer exists.  I allow Universal Intelligence to lovingly support me in my present circumstance.  

We hold onto the past by judging it.  We release past judgments by forgiving ourselves and others at a deep feeling level.

Fear of the past, present, or future, is a withholding of love from ourselves and others.  Pain is the manifestation of that fear in our bodies.  Pain and fear are self-created.  When the pain is persistent, practice feeling forgiveness for the persons involved (including one's self) until love and calm are felt.   

The Universe Handles the Details Posted on May 17, 2013, 0 Comments

Through my faculty of intuitive knowing, I allow Infinite Intelligence to select the details and variables of my life.  Without efforting, I open to, and focus on, the present.  I do what I love.  The Universe specializes in the details of my life.

Our training in struggle and absorbing discomfort on the path to success encourages us to plan our lives in advance.  Unfortunately, planning tends to keep us out of the present (the only time that ever exists) and forces us to select only from variables of which we have conscious knowledge.  However, there are many variables that, if known, we would eagerly select in place of ones we have chosen.  There is a simple way to locate them.  It is through the use of our intuition--our clear connection to Infinite Intelligence. 

What We Focus on Expands Posted on May 01, 2013, 0 Comments

I see the light of my inner wisdom; and I perceive only light in outer circumstances.  In all situations, regardless of appearances, I see only light.

Our perceived need to deal with our problems only attracts more of them to us.  The key is to release the need to see problems and see only solutions.  Every perceived problem indicates an unwillingness to see the perfection behind the illusion.  We can discipline ourselves to see and feel only abundance, perfection and peacefulness in every situation. 

Define the Ideal Posted on April 23, 2013, 0 Comments

I acknowledge and release views of reality that are less than ideal.  Only ideals of perfection guide my feelings and thoughts in creating the events of my life. 

To the extent we are not satisfied with the life we have, we must define what we prefer.  Changes in our lives result from changing our beliefs.  By defining our ideal on a regular basis, we change our beliefs and this brings about changes in our lives.  

Each one of us can have our life any way we like it.  We must conceive of life in ideal terms before we experience it that way.  When we feel and see everything working perfectly, it does.

Non-Judgment Posted on April 07, 2013, 0 Comments

I recognize the limitations of the rational-mind to comprehend all.  I allow myself to truly understand through feeling, intuition, and compassion; and I hold no judgments of myself or others.  Through forgiveness, I release all energies of judgment.  

It is not helpful to judge anything or anyone, including ourselves.  Whenever we judge, we lock the energy around the experience, and it stays that way until we release the judgement.  We learn to release judgement by feeling forgiveness for everyone and everything.  This allows us to feel forgiveness for ourselves. 

Free Will Posted on March 28, 2013, 0 Comments

The will of my Higher-Self merges with and guides the will of my rational-mind.  I free myself and all others to unconditionally express according to our inherent perfection.  

When deciding what we want, it is important not to interfere with what other people want.  We can only choose for ourselves, not for others.  The principle involved is an important one--free will.  The Universe accords everyone the choice to live life as each wishes.  It is not for anyone to make that decision for another person.  No one is capable of diminishing the quality of our life without our consent. 

Align with Highest Thought and Feeling Posted on March 16, 2013, 0 Comments

I align with my highest good.  Effortlessly I open to my highest thoughts and feelings.

Always choose the highest thought and feeling.  Since we can have whatever we want, why not select the ideal?

We recognize the highest thought and feeling from the energy-presence which accompanies it--a peaceful joy, an inspired calm, an inner knowing without knowing how.

When we focus on the Highest, we align with the Will of Universal-Mind which supports our achievement of the ideal. 

Understanding Body (Physical) Signals Posted on March 10, 2013, 0 Comments

I respect and understand the spontaneous communications of my body.  I listen to my body and I comprehend the meanings conveyed from my Higher-Mind to my rational-mind via my automatic signals.  

Our human body is a finely tuned instrument.  It tells us at all times just how aligned we are with our purpose and with the Universe.  When we notice discomfort in our bodies, it is helpful to look for ways we are withholding love, and express it.  Learn to read your body consistently, for it reveals the state of your consciousness. 

Trust Posted on February 26, 2013, 0 Comments

I trust in the Universe's total support of me at all times.

The most important and effective belief we can acquire to help us master Principle is trust in the Universe's total support of us at all times.

Support Posted on February 20, 2013, 0 Comments

I give support and receive support according to the Universal Laws which interrelate all things in our Universe.

The Universe is designed as a mutual support system.  Use it that way.  Locate people who will support you and receive your support in mastering the principles involved in having your life work perfectly.  Then expand your willingness to see everyone and everything as perfect just the way they are.  This allows every person and event to be a supportive experience. 

Giving and Receiving Posted on February 11, 2013, 0 Comments

I give and receive freely, and through this I feel the abundance of the Universe.  In giving to others, I give to myself.  

A gift motivated by generosity creates joyfulness.  Through such giving we give to ourselves and others what is ideal.  All that we ever really give is love, which is in infinite supply and expands through giving.

Experiences at the material level mirror those at the Universal.

When we believe in shortage, we hold on to what we have.  Such holding on is a withholding of love and retards the flow of love to us.  As a result, we feel the self-created energy block as discomfort.  

It is fun to give and receive freely and generously.  As we master this principle we learn that the real challenge is not dealing with shortage, but expanding our willingness to give and receive more generously.

Do What You Love to Do and The Universe Will Support You Posted on February 03, 2013, 0 Comments

For my life's work, I will to do that which I love to do.  The Universe supports me in all ways for doing what I love to do.  

Recognition of what we do not love to do initially alters our perception and then leads to the desire for change.  In order to move to a more ideal place, we first make peace with where we are now and allow it to be perfect in this present moment.  The completion of one experience  provides the power to begin another.

Do what you love to do.

Selecting a career, for example, because it seems like a safe, easy, or quick way to make money insures a life of discomfort.  When we are off purpose, the Universe draws our attention to it by making things uncomfortable for us.  When we are doing what we love to do, the Universe shows its support in many ways: we feel more alive, things flow smoothly, we attract people and circumstances that support us. 

Awareness of Purpose Posted on January 26, 2013, 0 Comments

Awareness of my purpose for being on the planet at this time now manifests to my conscious mind.

Positive thinking is fine, but it must be focused.  We create this focus by defining our purpose.  Purpose is our vision of the ideal.  Purpose is our conscious-mind discovering truths about our beingness which our Higher-Self has known all along.  When we align all of our thoughts with that purpose, life looks different.  We notice that everything has meaning and supports us.

Cause and Effect Posted on January 22, 2013, 0 Comments

I acknowledge the circumstances of my life and know that I am responsible for them.  Without judging myself or anyone, I take responsibility for their creation.  I now open myself to experience everything according to my ideal.  

There are no accidents in the Universe.  We always receive what we want.  Since many of our wants are subconscious, the only foolproof way to know what we want is to see what we have.  Once we are willing to take total responsibility for everything we experience, we offer ourselves the opportunity to experience the ideal and be peaceful and joyful under all circumstances.  

Align with the Universe Posted on January 18, 2013, 0 Comments

I open to the Universal flow of energy moving freely through my body.  Alignment with my purpose keeps me aligned with the Universe. 


Efforting is a consequence of resisting the Universal flow of energy; it is a clear signal that we are out of alignment.