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Statins protect your heart (but only if yo... Posted on July 07, 2015

Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol. 2015 Mar;8(2):189-99. doi: 10.1586/17512433.2015.1011125. Epub 2015 Feb 6.Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms.Okuyama H1, Langsjoen PH, Hamazaki T, Ogushi Y, Hama R, ...

How Aspartame got "approved" Posted on July 05, 2015

Fluoride efficacy actually questioned in m... Posted on June 30, 2015

Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review ShowsBY DOUGLAS MAIN 6/29/15Water fluoridation, which first began in 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and expanded nationwide over the years, has always been controversial. Those op...