Guy Voyer on the creation of ELDOA exercise


I've studied with Dr. Voyer for a while now, and the education never stops.  I'm headed to L.A. later this week for some more work with one of the men who has changed how I and other health practitioners around the world work with their clients and patients.  ELDOA, myofascial stretching, and many of the other techniques I'm learning under Dr. Voyer's tutelage are what the fields of rehab and performance have been missing.  As a SOMA practitioner, I'm happy to be able to provide them to the clients of Triumph Training.



Hi, I’m a student of Guy Voyer DO. Started with him in 1995 and have been practicing and teaching ELDOA’s since.
I took the classes many time, translated his ELDOA document and translated his workshps at University of Toronto back when he didn’t know a word of english. Now the community is growing so I opened a Facebook page called Soma Stretching for people who want to share about what happens after the theory. The practice with real live patients. Please come and introduce yourself, share your events and your thoughts. Here is a good place to get information from others who like you. Welcome


I feel you, Jackie! Wish I did have a way to make a transcript as his lectures/classes can be very difficult to understand, especially since the terminology being used is so technical (and often doesn’t translate to English very well). I’m in L.A. right now attending a workshop, so my ear is getting acclimated to his accent (but my brain is still being pushed to its limit). But when I return, you’re welcome to ask me any questions you may have about ELDOAs or otherwise.

Jackie Jenkins

Drew, do you have a transcript? I had a very hard time understanding him, and i really wanted to hear everything he was saying.

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