"You're not injury prone.  You're ELDOA deficient!"

What is ELDOA?

Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire in French.  In English, it translates as LOADS or Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching.  Whichever way you say it, this revolutionary technique created by world renowned osteopath Dr. Guy VOYER has helped thousands of people eliminate pain by addressing the one inescapable force impacting each one of us--Gravity!  And, no, you can't fight gravity.  But by practicing ELDOA, you learn to coexist peacefully with it.   

Let's look at the acronym of ELDOA more closely, and in English in case your French is a bit rusty:

ongitudinal--basically means head to toe
Osteo--means bone
Articular--means joint
Decoaptation--means to create space
Stretching--well, you probably know what stretching means.  However the "S" could also be for "strengthening" as you are making your body stronger in a stretched position, one which widens the space within a chosen articulation.  By creating space, you create flow--flow of lymph, flow of synovial fluid, flow of blood and oxygen and other nutrients necessary to keep the body healthy.  At the same time you address the etiology of pain and dysfunction.  Now no vein is being occluded.  No nerve is being irritated.  No disc is being compressed and no bone or cartilage is being worn out by shear forces.  And since the body gravitates toward a position of strength, the effect on your posture and orthopedic health become permanent with consistent practice of the ELDOA.  

Of course, the ELDOA requires an enormous amount of awareness.  To create space and truly decoapt a specific joint, the body must be placed in a precise position.  Fascial tension is then used to fix one segment of the targeted articulation while a contraction in extreme range moves the other segment away.  The effort required is maximal.  But your max is different than another's.  Indeed, your max today is not what it will be tomorrow, or next week, or next month even as your body learns how to recruit the exact combination of tissues to create the desired effect of the ELDOA.  

That's one of the key differences with the ELDOA or with myofascial stretching (MFS)--it's an active process.  An inversion table where one hangs from the feet to "decompress" the spine may gradually create space.  But at which level?  Often time the hypermobile segment is the one which moves while the hypomobile one experiences no improvement.  And even when it does, the change is temporary as the neuromuscular system hasn't learned anything since it didn't play a role in the lesson.  It's like learning to ride the bike.  If the training wheels are never removed, a person will never develop the equilibrium necessary to balance on two wheels.  The same is true for any passive treatment.  Whether it be massage, or chiropractic, or dry-needling--all of which have a place at times during training or rehabilitation--these modalities teach the neurological system little.  Thus, their effects are temporary.  If you want permanent change and improvement, you have to realize the best piece of equipment in the gym or any therapist's clinic is your own body! 

Andrew was among the first class of graduates in the Dr. VOYER's program certified to use and teach the ELDOA.  With only a handful of people around the world able to claim such a distinction, Andrew has been able to provide a service to his clients and students unlike any other--one which, with quality instruction complimented by consistent practice, allows clients of Triumph Training to become their own best therapists.



What people are saying about Andrew's ELDOA Classes

I just wanted to thank you for all the incredible stuff we worked on a couple months back. ELDOA has seriously taken my game to the next level. My recovery is much faster, my posture is better than it's ever been, and my overall awareness of which muscles are incorporated in my tennis is much greater. It's much easier for me to figure out why my forehand or serve isn't where it needs to be, because I can literally feel exactly what's lacking or over-exerting. I've never felt more aligned, physically and mentally.

On top of that, I cut out PUFA's and I feel incredible. Training a healthy lifestyle is one of the most gratifying and rewarding processes anyone can go through. So, yeah, thanks! I can't wait to do another session next time I'm in town and delve even deeper.

H. Hutcheson


After seeing Emory spine docs, months of Emory PT, endless online recommendations and stretching on my own... and nothing was working... I went to you and couldn't believe that your exercises could have such a magical impact. It was the FIRST thing that gave me relief (at least when I stuck to the exercises - when I didn't, it just confirmed that the exercises WERE the key!). Thank you again!!

S. Bull


So I woke up with almost zero back pain. Then I had to help out on the pistol range which means I stand in the same position all day long. Normally my back is on fire by the end of the day when I have to do that. I didn’t even feel it today. This is huge. I’d love to schedule a one on one with you and get you to do more magic on my half broken body.

J. Overbaugh


I woke up with 90% less pain in my back than I’ve had in 3 years!!!! I woke up at 2 am and was so excited my back didn’t hurt that I couldn’t go back to sleep bc I was so overcome with joy! I know this is a process and I am totally committed to getting my health and life back! This is the first time I have felt hope in turning all this mess around. I’m so grateful to you and the fact that your class was a place of no judgement that I really felt like the anxiety melted away even more and I could be totally in the moment...be there for myself!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

K. Holyoak


Reflecting on how excellent I feel after one of your Eldoa classes - this regime really works - even if I can’t do everything, yet…..I feel more flexible and frankly alive again - the aches and pains subside, plus I feel like I am on the “right path” to holistic wellness.  This is a daily routine for me - thank you thank you thank you.

A. Landsverk