Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

We are all products of our environment. Yet the environment today is very different than the one our ancestors enjoyed. The air we breathed was fresh. The food we ate was real. The water we drank was pure. Even our very thoughts were clean, virtually free of the toxins and impurities that permeate our current world. As recently as 100 years ago, this all began to change and our bodies have not been able to keep up. Thus, if it’s true that it takes the human genome 10,000 years to change 1/10th of one percent, then we are literally leaving our health behind us. This program will teach and help you put into practice the 6 Foundational Principles which make vibrant living more than the stuff of legends.

Holistic lifestyle coaching is perfect for the person wishing to:

  • achieve their ideal weight and body shape
  • overcome illness
  • rehabilitate an injury
  • improve performance in sport
  • minimize chances of disease
  • increase vitality and well-being
  • In short, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a must for everyone!

The Holistic Lifestyle Program begins with a series of comprehensive questionnaires e-mailed to the client.  Upon receipt of all the necessary documents, Andrew analyzes these questionnaires and writes a report detailing all areas contributing to the current state of health with specific recommendations for change and improvement. The plan lists, in order of importance, the actions to be taken by the client to achieve optimal functioning and a healthy lifestyle. This gives the client control over when to make the necessary changes which, ultimately, lends itself to adherence and a long, fulfilling life.

$210 / hour (1-2 hours)

Corrective Exercise

Triathlon & Cycling Coaching

Continued Training/Lifestyle Coaching

Email/Facetime/Skype Support