Triathlon & Cycling Coaching

Reserved for a limited number of applicants, the training plan entails daily workouts within defined parameters (e.g. heart rate zones, duration/volume, energy system trained) which are phased in a sequential order so that the athlete is prepared for continued improvement and/or an optimal performance. The program is designed around general background information provided by the athlete and considers both time limitations and physical abilities to guide athletes to their goals safely and efficiently.

The minimum commitment period for athletes wishing to receive triathlon & cycling coaching is 12 weeks.

Discounted coaching rates available for Team In Training athletes and athletes who have served/are serving in the military.


  • Weekly Training Schedules practicing progressive overload customized for the individual athlete
  • Personalized heart rate training zones
  • Goal setting assistance
  • E-mail correspondence (normally answered within 48 hours)
  • One client initiated phone consultation per week


  • Nutrition and Lifestyle assessment
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Weekly feedback via e-mail or telephone


  • CHEK assessment
  • Weight training facility
  • Indoor trainer
  • Pool access (when applicable)
  • Treadmill access (when applicable)

$50 (initial fee)

$250 (every 4 weeks)

And for those athletes interested in Andrew's coaching but would rather pursue a less expensive option, check out his detailed training plans here: