Props from one of my PGA clients, Jason Dufner

"I talked to a pretty specialized guy in Atlanta, his name is Andrew Johnston, a friend of mine had had some chronic back issues and I got with Andrew in Atlanta and Andrew's kind of a holistic guy, he does the whole thing, diet, PT, working out, he does the holistic approach to your health.
"I kind of specified that I was interested in what he had to offer as far as eating better and the diet.  My friend Lane Savoy had great results with him changing his diet.  With his back he had some really chronic back issues, so I gave it a go and feeling pretty good about it." --Jason Dufner

The mad scientist that put all of this together is actually a young personal trainer in Atlanta who does something called Triumph Training and had worked with a friend of Dufner’s.

...but consultation with Dr. Andrew Johnston in Atlanta led to an approach to reduce inflammation.

and for the record, I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on t.v.

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