Fueling Questions from an Ironman Athlete


Need some advice, 3rd week in a row since changing from chemicals on ride to organic snacks and water/honey/salt that I've had difficult cycle rides. Started out great today and burnt up with leg and hip cramps at mile 40, by mile 50 very little leg power. 
My Response With His Answers:
What was breakfast? Freshly made organic fruit smoothie with gelatin and milk, half a bagel with peanut butter
What was dinner the night before? Lasagna
What was dinner 2 nights before? Steak, baked potato, zucchini 
We could really look at the whole week, but those are the most important meals.
Are you pre-ex stretching? Not for a long period but focused on legs, arms, back, stomach
Have you been fit on the bike? Matt Cole fit me when I bought my Parlee from him in early 2014
Where were the cramps exactly? Started in Thighs then hamstrings and worked it’s way to hips
How much time before your pre-ride meal and the start of the ride? 45 minutes
How soon do you eat once you start? Drank a bottle ever hour with water, salt, honey, started eating buffalo bites, organic blocks within 45 minutes of ride
Is VW suffering, too, or is it just you? Just me, thank God, VW is rocking it on this nutrition and on the bike/run
My Feedback:
--I'd nix the bagel or at least the PB--the PUFA content in it inhibits the body's ability to utilize glucose (stored and brought in at dinner and bfast) as well O2 and it's also pro-inflammatory.
--noodles are gluten, I assume, and sub-optimal for those with opposable thumbs.
--beautiful--more/less what I'd do with some fruit or quality dessert at the end!
--good--just use reps before.
--most folks (especially triathletes) are quad dominant.  Learning to utilize the hammies will help so the quads don't overwork, then get tight, then force the hammies to overwork, the the whole kinetic chain falls apart.
--you may find that you do better with a longer time period between the end of the last feeding and the start of training.  As soon as exercise begins, blood flow to the digestive system is compromised and any calories/nutrition you could have derived from the food in the stomach becomes unavailable (or less so, depending on intensity and several other factors).
--looks pretty good.  If the organic blocks are homemade, you should be fine.  If commercial, look out for sunflower oil or another PUFA which would inhibit glucose utilization. 
--good to know, and I'm glad (but not surprised).  Now we just need to dial you in.  And I hope my responses help.

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