Counting Calories?


What are your thoughts on calorie counting? I've always been against it and understand a 'calorie doesn't equal a calorie' ideology from Paul Chek. Though all I ever see nutritionists go on about for weight loss is to ensure you are on a calorie deficit. Again which I've always taught has many more hormonal problems long term. Interested in your thoughts on the whole matter even tho the question is rather vague. Thanks.


I speak more about this in my latest book (, but I think it's a slippery slope. Most foods worth eating don't have a label. And the USDA allows for a 20% margin of error in both calories and nutrition in a food. So while I think it can prove insightful when people track what and how much they actually consume in the short term, it's not like the human digestive system is the same as a combustion engine. As I say in my book, "the impact a given amount of food has on a person's physiology is predicated less on the total calories in that food and more on the total of what that person has done to themselves via nutrition and lifestyle choices." My experience has shown that many people don't eat enough. But since they're so metabolically damaged for the reasons mentioned in my book and otherwise, their scales and their health both move in the wrong direction.

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