The Crap You’re Putting in a Landfill When You Choose Not to Recycle

Paper--2 to 5 months

Milk Cartons--5 years

Filter Tip Cigarettes (as if any dumb ass smoker throws these anywhere other than outside their car window)--10 to 12 years

Plastic Bags--10 to 20 years

Leather Shoes--24 to 40 years

Plastic Containers--50 to 80 years

Disposable Diapers--75 years

Aluminum Cans--200 to 500 years


You don't have to put all that crap in the garbage.  You can recycle just about all of it:

Just about any type of paper not used for food can be recycled.  Items which can't include pizza boxes, Milk Cartons, dirty paper plates, and the like.

Cigarettes--let's face it:  if you smoke, you're not concerned with your personal environment; much less the environment in general.

Plastic Bags--hopefully you're shopping with a re-usable tote or taking your own bags to the store.  But if you have some to recycle, many grocery stores like Publix have receptacles exclusively for plastic bags.

Disposable Diapers--I'm guilty of this one.  I use cloth diapers with my son but not exclusively.  Luckily, there are alternatives for those parents who want the convenience of disposable diapers.  Check out as well as  Also, some companies are producing environmentally friendly disposable diapers like Ecobaby

Aluminum Cans--why are you drinking out of aluminum anyway--you should be drinking water!  But if you're drinking or eating out of aluminum, you can recycle these just about anywhere.

Styrofoam--just don't patron companies which still utilize this crap for packaging.  And one of the most easily avoided is TAKE OUT from a restaurant.  Tell them you want GREEN alternatives or you're not dining there again.

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