I've got quite an extensive client list now. Most of them are beautiful people who add a lot to my life, and I'm honored they choose to spend an hour or more each week or month with me. They've become some of my staunchest supporters--people I know I can count on without question. And whether they realize it or not, they've become ambassadors for me. Once they learn the importance of eating organically, recycling, taking responsibility for their own health, and the many other subjects which are often driven home to them in my studio, they help me spread these messages and influence far more people than I could ever hope to reach alone. I want to give them props for this and highlight some of their amazing accomplishments. So check back often, but here's a bit of what's been happening with some of them:

UPDATE as of 8/31/10:
C.Williamson finished his first IM, well under 12hrs at Ironman Louisville.
N.Pramik had another solid performance at Ironman Canada.

UPDATE as of 8/20/10:

J. Travis down 50 POUNDS.
G. Renault completed an 8 DAY silence retreat.
J. Rearden welcomed his new born son into the world.
K. Slaughter's book entitled BROKEN when to the top of the best seller's list (as usual).
E. Lindsey completed a triathlon and is going back for more.
K. Tan survived bed rest (hard on a runner) to safely deliver a baby sister for little Ben.
S. Fusco rocked his first tri and decided to hire me as his coach and not just his trainer.
P. Wiener and N. Wirtz both finished their first IRONMAN race at IM Lake Placid.
B. Umstead won her a.g. at the Richard B. Russel Triathlon.
L. Sherman placed 3rd in her a.g. at the Richard B. Russel Triathlon.
A. Pelot opened up her own training studio.

K. Slaughter just finished her new book Broken due out June 22nd, and I'm sure it'll be high on the NYTimes Best Sellers list like her past 9 books.

J. Travis is down 35lbs and still going.

M.Melgaard --finished her first 30hr adventure race in horribly cold, wet conditions. When she wipes the smile off her face, maybe we can get her focused on her real goals for the year!

M.Melgaard--qualified for the Worlds Masters Championship in swimming. She also just turned pro in Open Water Swimming and won her first race of the year.

N.Pramik--Finished his 2nd Ironman of the year with a new PR of 9:52.

S.Ruiz--Finished IMFLA only 7 months after being referred to me for a running injury with had left her unable to compete in triathlons.

N.Dufine--made his 15lb wt loss goal and was recently promoted to Senior Vice President Creative Director of Design for TNT/TBS/TCM.

J.Travis--27lbs lost and counting.

B.Wilkinson--Currently training for the Action Cycling 200 to raise money for an AIDS vaccine.

J.Rearden--he and his wife are currently expecting the birth of a son.

B.Fair--up until recently with this unbelievably cold weather, has been riding his bike to our workouts, getting in a good warm up and saving $5 on his session fee for using an alternative mode of transport to train with me.

P.Wiener and B.Umstead--both brave enough to begin triathlon training with me for 2010 with the former aiming for IM Lake Placid.

S.Fusco and D.Dinwiddie--both featured in an article on CNN Health about personal training.

JJoynerBush--completed her first 5K after beginning training with me. Marathon here she comes...

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Jill Joyner Bush ran her first 5K after starting her training with Drew in 2009.

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