365 Ways #3–You snooze, you lose!

#3–Skip the snooze button. To get your day jump started, expose yourself to light, to food, and to movement as soon as you wake up. Not only will you normalize circadian rhythms, you’ll optimize your metabolic rate.

Light=Sunshine to your body, resulting in an increase in Cortisol, (an awakening hormone and not the evil hormone the infomercials would have you believe).

Mom was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be at least 25% of our daily caloric intake.

Movement could be anything from walking the dog to yoga to a session at the gym. And doing it in the a.m. will ensure that it gets done.

If the above suggestions are a change from your normal morning routine, give it a couple of weeks to become a habit and watch as your mind, body, and spirit evolve to the next level.

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