365 Ways #6–are you a cannibal?

#6— It takes life to give life. So if you’re eating dead, non-foods which are void of nutrition, your body’s got to metabolize it somehow. It takes vitamins and minerals and protein and other micro nutrients to get your food from mouth to anus (though some of us can’t get it there as evidenced by the $1,000,000/day spend on laxatives in the U.S.). And if the food doesn’t provide that nutrition, your body has to get it from somewhere. So it takes it from your muscles. It takes it from your bones, your ligaments, your hair!

Beating the Food Giants is a book by Paul Stitt. He was a food scientist for a major food manufacturer who writes about an experiment they performed where they fed a group of rats puffed wheat cereal. Another group of rats they fed nothing. And the last group they fed the box of puffed wheat cereal. Can you guess who died first? The rats which ate the cereal! So if you’re eating out of boxes or cans or consuming food that can sit on the shelf without spoiling; if the only time you eat something green is if you leave some pasteurized cheese in your fridge too long, your body’s being forced to use your own precious tissue just to process the nutritionally void crap you’re putting in your mouth. You are a walking corpse. I pity the micro-organisms charged with the task of putting you back in the earth. They’re not going to be satisfied…

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