365 Ways #11–Breathing 201

#11–Speaking of respiration, we should also breathe primarily through our nose. The mouth cannot effectively clean and moisten the air as it is does not come equipped with turbinates like those which are found in the nose. Additionally, the nose has parasympathetic nerve endings which are stimulated when we breathe the way nature intended. Mouth breathing, on the other hand, triggers a sympathetic response (i.e. fight or flight) which inhibits the parasympathetic nervous system and interferes with ideal digestion and repair. From an orthopedic perspective, breathing though the mouth overworks the sub occipitals which must stabilize the cranium when the mouth opens. This can lead to forward head posture and further exacerbate altered breathing mechanics as well as excessively load fragile musculature that must support the head (8% of the body’s weight) against gravity. Basically, the only time you should be breathing through your mouth is if you’re fighting for your life, or trying to keep up with me on the bike.

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