365 Ways #19–There’s a fungus among us

#19–I was driving to work this a.m. when I heard an ad on the radio about nail fungus. The commercial was selling some concoction which would get rid of the nail fungus, and I started thinking. Same allopathic, symptom management treatment which does nothing for the underlying problem. Why’s the nail fungus there in the first place? Maybe the person never washed between his toes. Maybe he wore the same pair of socks 3 weeks in a row. But more than likely the person was eating too much sugar, probably on several other meds for various ailments, staying up too late, not drinking enough water, guzzling soda and coffee, exercising too little or too much, and stressed from a job he hates in order to pay for a lifestyle he can’t afford. The poor little fungus on his foot gets blamed for just doing his job. All parasites, fungi, and bacteria are doing is the job Mother Nature gave them: to act as mother nature’s sanitation department. When your personal environment is so filled with trash that your vitality level falls below a certain, individual threshold, these critters come out to give you a warning. First it’s a fungal infection or a cold. But if you don’t pay this ticket by adhering to the Six Foundational Principles of Health, you’ll eventually find yourself with chronic fatigue syndrome or cancer or something. And the decline in vitality won’t stop until you’ve been brought back to the soil–in other words, you’re DEAD! Nature doesn’t want to perpetuate weakness. So if you’re not honoring your temple with good thoughts, deep breathing, sufficient hydration, quality food, proper movement, and appropriate sleep, these critters are going to break you down so that Nature can try again.

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