365 Ways #21–Are you too stressed to exercise?

#21–Intermittent glucocorticoid production (like exercising appropriately) is good for the immune system. 20mins of activity a day is a good goal for people to shoot for if appropriate for their current level of vitality. But CONTINUOUS glucocorticoid production is detrimental to health. So if you’re stressed at work, stressed because you’re not eating right (too much/too little/not right for your metabolic type), stressed because you’re not hydrated properly, stressed because you’re not sleeping enough or obeying your natural circadian rhythms, stressed because you’re in pain or on medical drugs or you’re in a financial or relationship crisis; if this is you, then adding exercise (a stress) to the system can often be the straw that broke the camel’s back. You’d be better served by working IN rather than working out. You need to invest in yourself and build up your chi. Slow walks, tai chi, yoga, any movement that you can do while breathing through your nose would be a good choice. And doing it on a full stomach right after a meal is usually a good way to keep the intensity in check since going to fast/hard will interfere with digestion and make you uncomfortable. Doing the activity at the right pace will actually enhance digestion. That’s one reason why walks after the Thanksgiving meal feel so good. Try it next time you need an energy lift.

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