365 Ways #29–How healthy is your doctor?

#29–the average life span of doctors is 10 years LESS than for the rest of us!

Let me tell you a quick story about my former G.P. I went into his office one day. He was behind his desk as always–bent over and pale, way over weight and breathing hard just sitting there. He knew what I did for a living, so he goes on to tell me that he started walking for exercise. I tell him “that’s great, but I think you should also do some weight training.” Then this man, who spent umpteen years in medical school so he could teach ME about health, tells me that he doesn’t want to lift weights because he doesn’t want his muscles to turn to fat when he stops.

I immediately came home and told my wife, “Baby, we gotta find a new doc!”

And my new doc’s awesome, so I’m not saying that all doctors are bad. I’m just saying that if your doctor smokes…or is fat…or can’t walk a mile without stopping…or if he doesn’t know the difference between a muscle cell and a fat cell, turn around and get the hell out of his office. At the very least, question what he’s prescribing and why.

Either way, we’ve got to start taking responsibility for ourselves. We’ve got to stop taking health advice from those who study the sick That’s like having a financial advisor who’s broke. And then there’s the millions of people who listen when some day time talk show host tell us to re-think Kentucky Fried Chicken. What we should really re-think is taking advice from those who aren’t healthy!

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