365 Ways #36–a 5min workout

#36–No time to exercise? Then do the following workout:

Stand with good posture with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width.
Bend your knees and descend as deeply as you can for your flexibility/orthopedic level as if you were trying to sit in a chair behind you.
Stand back up by pushing through your heels until you’ve returned to your starting position.
Repeat for 10 reps. If your form begins to suffer before you reach 10, that’s the end of your current set.
Rest 10 seconds.
Repeat the work/rest cycle again for a total of 10 sets.

Depending on your fitness level, you will have done as many as 100 squats in as little as 4-5mins. Don’t have 4-5mins? May I suggest you start making time for yourself. Otherwise, time will prematurely start taking you.

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