365 Ways #38–Which brain are you nourishing?

#38–the brain stem or Reptilian Brain is the oldest part of the human brain. It’s main concerns are security, sustenance, and sex. Meet these three requirements, and you can move on to the Mammalian Brain and then the newest version of the mammalian brain called the Neocortex. Found only in primates, especially humans, this part of the brain has evolved beyond the basic needs of survival and has the ability of “higher” level thinking necessary (or at least a necessary evil) of complex social interactions. Empathy and compassion would be hallmarks of this newer brain.

Yet, with the state of our food supply, we are eating but are we really nourishing? Gorging on new-fangled, man made non-foods, we’re literally starving to death on full stomachs. We are too often unable to meet our Reptilian Brain’s need for sustenance which makes us unable to evolve into the Mammalian and Neocortex brains. We cannot act kindly toward our fellow man or practice brotherly love if this most basic need isn’t being satisfied. We cannot tend our our neighbor’s garden if our own won’t bear fruit. We are eating our way back into the Stone Age, devolving with every bite of fast food or non-organic food. Think about it. Oh–you can’t. You just ate a twinkie.

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