365 Ways #46–breakfast: it doesn’t have to be Cornflakes

#46–Some breakfast and lunch ideas that are outside the box…feel free to respond with your own ideas.

Omelet with peppers and onions
Plain Yogurt with apples and gelatin
Smoothie with frozen fruit, milk, coconut oil, and a splash of bone broth
Egg salad with carrots/tomatoes
Tuna salad (made with Tuna, raisins or apples, and home made mayo)
Low fat fish and cream cheese on corn tortillas fried coconut oil (cream cheese sans carrageenan)
A turkey sandwich on sourdough (less issues with this type of bread than others)
Guacamole and hamburger with carrots and tomatoes (that’s what I had Tues a.m.)
Corn Tortilla with cheese and salsa (I add ground bison or lamb for more protein) and roasted veggies.

Ham Sandwich with Cucumber on Corn Tortillas
Spaghetti sauce over Spaghetti Squash
Shellfish with sauteed zucchini and a fruit salad.
Chicken Salad (i.e. a salad with rotisserie chicken)–your imagination is your only limitation with a salad like this–use EVERYTHING: carrots, cucumber, tomato, peppers, raisins, beets, etc).
Pulled BBQ Pork and home made tomato soup–love this combo.
Chicken Salad with grilled asparagus
Crab cakes with carrot salad
Vegetable soup with ground beef.
Crock Pot Chili (no beans) with below ground veggies and fruit.
Turkey Meatloaf and grilled zucchini

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