365 Ways #50–top 5 foods to buy Organic

#50–Top 5 foods to buy Organic:

MEATS (fat stores toxins, so conventionally raised meats have chemicals concentrated in their fatty tissues)
DAIRY (again, fat stores toxins)
FISH (wild not farmed since organic doesn’t apply to fish)
BERRIES (heavily sprayed with absorbent skins which we eat)
LEAFY GREENS/LETTUCES (as berries above)

Of course, EVERY food item you buy should be organic as conventionally grown food only perpetuates the downfall of our health and our environment. But these are foods you should concentrate on if you are forced to make a decision between organic and conventional because of financial reasons. But if that's the case, ditch the dish and your cable t.v. You can't eat either of them. So spend that money on food that does something for you and the rest of the world.

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