365 Ways #53–your 4 pound immune system

#53–The human intestinal track is home to over 4lbs of bacteria. In fact, humans have approximately 100 TRILLION cells but ten times that amount in bacteria. And when these creatures in your gut are healthy, you’re healthy. In fact, as much as 70% of your immune system is in your digestive system. Problem is, most people are in a state of dysbiosis where the number of healthy bacteria vs. harmful bacteria is reversed. You should have 85% good to 15% bad. But many lifestyle factors can cause the unhealthy bacteria to take over. Sugar/grain consumption is one. Antibiotic abuse is another. Even birth control pills can cause the bad bacteria to flourish. The most common offender, however, is the chlorine in our water supply. Used to kill dangerous pathogens in our drinking water, the chlorine does a good job of wiping out our beneficial bacteria any time we drink unfiltered tap water. The problem is, the only bacteria which typically survive this onslaught is the UNHEALTHY bacteria. So every time you think you’re doing your body good by hydrating with tap water that has not been filtered by a quality filter designed to eliminate chlorine, you’re killing the good guys in your gut and having a virtual open house for the bad ones. And you’re not gonna like the house warming gift they get for you….



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