365 Ways #58–What’s better than exercise for your health?

#58–the best exercise program in the world cannot compete with a sound nutrition and lifestyle program as you MUST get the biochemistry right! This means being aware of your thoughts and making sure you focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. This means controlling your breathing rather than your breathing controlling you. This means drinking enough pure, clean water to run the millions of biological processes happening in your body every second rather than dehydrating and polluting your body with chemical or sugary concoctions not meant for human consumption. This means eating REAL food raised humanely, sustainably, and organically rather than typical American C.R.A.P. which literally takes more from the body to assimilate than it gives. This means honoring the circadian rhythms that have been a part of our biology since the dawn of man rather than honoring the television or computer by sacrificing your health watching late night t.v. or checking your Facebook account when you should be asleep. You spend a lot less time exercising than doing all of the above. Thus, the impact of these foundational principles have much more affect on how you look, feel, and function than any exercise program ever could–even one designed by me.

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