365 Ways #66–Music to my ears

#66–What’s your ideology? Do you have a set of beliefs that you are so attached to that you get defensive when someone questions them? Is it your belief in god? Your belief in God? Is it your political views? For some people, it’s their idea of health. I’ve had several clients who get their panties in a wad when discussing a politically incorrect subject like the health benefits of saturated fat or something. Tied down by years of indoctrination, they cannot entertain the possibility of another view point. Others are invested in THEIR “disease.” They have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Their family has a history of heart disease or cancer. They live, if you can call it that, with constant worry about the destiny their ancestry doomed them to when they passed on a particular gene. If I try to take that fear away with common sense and sound science, their sense of self is threatened. Their identity is literally wrapped up in being the victim. They are afraid to take responsibility for themselves, because to do so would mean admitting that they, ultimately, are the conductors of their own lives. So don’t let your ideology become your idiot-ology. The piece you play may not be your choice. But how the music is performed is entirely up to you.

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