365 Ways #67–Buying the right filter for your water Posted on August 27, 2010, 0 Comments

#67–I hope you’re not drinking bottled water since you’re aware of its expense on both the world environment and on the environment of your body. I recommend filtered tap water. But there are some filters which I wouldn’t recommend based on how they work.

A system which utilizes distillation (removing substances based on their relative boiling point) is not sufficient. Almost all synthetic chemicals boil at a lower temperature than water and are, therefore, vaporized and condensed along with the water you’re going to drink. Filters which work by reverse osmosis remove contaminants based on molecular size. Unfortunately, many toxic chemicals (like fungicides and herbicides) are molecularly smaller than water, so they aren’t removed during the filtration process. Your best bet is to find a quality filter which employs a multi-stage process to clean your water effectively. The one I recommend is found on the Andrew Recommends page of my website  (http://triumphtraining.com/pages/recommendations).