365 Ways #70–Do you prefer your cement rare or well done?

#70–It used to take 4 to 5 years to take a cow from birth to slaughter. Conventionally raised cattle have a shorter life span now, because they get fatter a lot quicker. How? They’re fed stuff that they’re not designed to eat. And I’m not just talking about grains. No, in the U.S. it is legal and common for farmers to give their cattle feed with up to 15-20% cement dust. That packs the weight on! Additionally, it has been approved for cattle feed to contain left over food from vending machines, saw dust, and even animal waste and remains. Not only does all this stuff make a cow sick (thus the antibiotics); it also makes them FAT. See, fat stores toxins. And anything a cow eats that it’s not designed to eat–basically anything other than grass–is considered by the cow’s immune system to be a toxin. So the cow, just like when we eat food we’re not designed to eat, gets fat and it gets sick. Luckily, it only has to be fat and sick for 11 months before ending up on our dinner table--making us sick and fat! After all, we are what we eat. And we are what our food eats, too.

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