365 Ways #82–Why you may want to shave that milk mustache

#82–When milk is pasteurized, as opposed to RAW milk like we’ve enjoyed for thousands of years, it is heated to a minimum of 145-150F for 30mins in an effort to kill off any pathogenic bacteria. This also retards spoilage and extends the shelf life of the milk so you are more likely to buy it. Unfortunately, the bacteria responsible for souring milk is actually the good stuff which protects us from the bad guys–the only ones who typically survive the heating process and who then multiply as the milk decomposes. Additionally, lactase–the enzyme necessary for the assimilation of lactose–is completely destroyed by pasteurization. So is phosphatase, the enzyme which helps the body absorb calcium. A further injustice is the transformation of lactose into beta-lactose. This sugar gets into the digestive system more quickly than lactose so, coupled with the low fat or fat free levels found in 2% or skim milk that most Americans drink, blood sugar levels rise. So now you have a product where pathogenic bacteria can proliferate, which causes allergies, delivers no calcium to the body, wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels, and gives your poor little pancreas a brutal workout every time you drink it. 

It does a body good???

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