365 Ways #91–the connection between Cholesterol, Heart Disease, and The Boogie Man

#91–the body makes 2500mg of cholesterol each day. That’s the equivalent of approximately 12 eggs. If cholesterol is so bad for us, why do our bodies produce it? Not enough people ask themselves common sense questions like that one. But one of my clients who works for the CDC certainly does. From an e-mail she sent me this morning on the subject of cholesterol and saturated fat:

“I thought I would pass along these nutrition abstracts to you (see links below). Well done studies by a research group that I’m familiar with. The first one is a meta-analysis looking at the available literature on saturated fat and CV disease and concludes that there is NOT a good relationship between these two things. The second study looks at cholesterol and CV disease and concludes that it’s actually refined carbohydrates that is the problem. While both abstracts are not new news to us, it is VERY encouraging to see very good evidence in a peer-reviewed journal that is influential in the medical field.

Check out the “to” and “from” lines below. Yes, instead of jokes and spam, my family sends each other articles about health and well-being. I guess every family has their idiosyncrasies. :)”

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