365 Ways #103–This should have been post #2

#103–Your stool says a lot about what’s going on in your insides. Take Color for example:

Very dark brown–lack of vegetables, too much salt, red wine
Grey–minimal or no bile, gallbladder or liver issue
Green–lots of leafy vegetables
Light Green–lots of fruit, too much sugar, lack of salt
Red–lower GI bleeding, hemorrhoids, beets
Black–upper GI bleeding, iron, charcoal

Or Quanity:

Less than one bowel movement–constipation, low fiber and water, altered flora, protein powder
3-3+, especially following meals & w/ urgency–allergy, gastric dumping, infection, inflammation

Or Form/Consistency:

Normal–well formed and soft
Dark, compact, and sinks–prescription meds, food additives, or other toxins
Hard and dry (pellets)–constipation, low fiber and water, altered flora, protein powder
Undigested food particles–food intolerance, malabsorption/maldigestion
Poorly formed stool/loose–lack of enzymes/HCL or caffeine
Alternating diarrhea and constipation–IBS, stress, autonomic imbalance
Foul smelling–dysbiosis, protein putrefaction, rancid fats, carbohydrate fermentation

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