365 Ways #136–Metabolic Typing

#136–Would you put diesel in your car if it called for unleaded? Then why are you eating food that doesn’t help you run your system efficiently? William Wolcott, author of The Metabolic Typing Diet explains how people fall into one of three metabolic types (and actually details several subtypes of each): Fast Oxidizers (protein types), slow oxidizers (carbo types) or mixed oxidizers (a combination of both). Each type needs a specific proportion of macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) to facilitate optimal functioning of their cellular machinery. Dark skinned people whose ancestors come from near the equator often fall into the slow oxidizer category while white skinned people whose ancestors were from colder climates near the poles are often fast oxidizers. Of course, with so much of our heritage now intermingled with others, many people will fall into the mixed category. The best way to determine is to listen to your body. It may not ping and run rough like an engine with the wrong kind of gas, but it’s talking to you all the time. Are you listening?

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