365 Ways #152–Lift heavy metal–don’t drink it!

#152–The July 2010 issue of Consumer Reports did an analysis of some popular protein drinks–the ones commonly sold at gyms and in supposed health food stores. ALL of them had levels of lead, mercury, arsenic, or cadmium that were in alarmingly detectable quantities. A few of them were well over the safe limits as dictated by the USP. These findings got me thinking:
1–you’re not working out hard enough to warrant a protein drink.
2–eat REAL food.
Nuf said.



Smoothies are a MUCH better option! Let’s get your boys to understand that it takes life to give life. That’s why processed garbage like Muscle Milk has to have “nutrition” added to it. Unfortunately, the synthetic vitamins/minerals which are added don’t act like food-based nutrition found outside of a box or bottle or can. And since it takes nutrition to take a food from mouth to anus, the body has to rob from its own supplies when whatever is eaten doesn’t provide it. Your boys are likely interested in getting stronger/bigger. But muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones are all key areas which get scavenged for nutrition. Additionally, toxins will typically be stored away from the body’s essential organs in fat, so the type of weight their gaining will likely be the type they’d prefer not to have. Try adding some Great Lakes Gelatin for added protein along with a whole host of other nutritional benefits.


Please advise me on my teenage boys who think they need to drink a Muscle Milk for protein after their workouts. Would smoothies be a better option?

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