365 Ways #163–You’re no stranger to Xenoestrogens

#163--I was raised by my mom and my sister, so I have no problem admitting I'm in touch with my feminine side. However, we live in a world bombarded with xenoestrogens--from plastics, from cans, from the hormones "fed" to animals and the pesticides sprayed on our foods. It's everywhere, and I'm not just being paranoid.

The effects of this estrogen excess causes innocuous (and aesthetic) problems like water retention, which explains why some women experience weight gain and bloating when they ovulate and estrogen levels in the body peak. But it can also adversely impact levels of zinc, a mineral crucial for immunity. Too much can also promote blood clots (read the fine print of birth control pills), elevate blood pressure, and increase risk of heart attacks. Cancer is another concern due to estrogen's ability to promote cell growth. Estrogen also promotes fat gain and fat promotes estrogen production. So women who are overweight will often have increased symptoms of menopause than thinner women as the fall off in estrogen is steeper. This causes a corresponding increase in cortisol production which intensifies any symptom related to stress (i.e. insomnia, hot flashes, etc).

But you're a guy, so you're not worried about conventionally grown food or processed junk in your diet right?

Your Man Boobs are telling a different story....

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