365 Ways # 167–A week without wheat (or soy or corn)

#167--According to the National Academy of Sciences, cropland in the United States is being eroded 10 times faster than the rate at which lost soil can be replaced by natural processes, thanks to the mono-cropping of corn, soy, and wheat. And conventionally raised cattle (not grass fed) is exacerbating the problem. We are eating our planet away.

What can you do? Never eat (or patron restaurants which serve) conventionally raised, grain fed cattle. Knowing what these cows are forced to eat (saw dust, concrete dust, manure, etc) and the fact that we're eating what they ate, I'm surprised anyone would touch the stuff. Additionally, you can cut back on corn, skip the soy, and wean yourself from wheat. These grains add little nutritional bang for your buck, and many of us aren't designed to eat them anyway. Of course, all three are everywhere in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Take a week and try to avoid eating any of them and see how hard it is with your current grocery habits. Avoid them for a couple of months, and watch your health improve. And if you can convince people to do the same simply by being a living example, together we might actually convince the food industry that mono-cropping isn't benefiting their bottom line any more than it's benefiting our world.

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