365 Ways #171–Are you cooking with the wrong fats/oils?

#171--If you want to be healthy, often all you have to do is look at what everyone around you is doing and do the opposite....

Polyunsaturated fats
--vegetable oils (i.e. corn, safflower, etc). Fish, nuts, and seeds are other sources

--are liquid, even when refrigerated
--should NEVER be used for cooking

Monounsaturated fats
--olive oil and peanut oil. Almonds, avocado, and pecans are other sources
--are liquid at room temperature
--can be used for cooking at LOW temperatures, though I would suggest putting it on AFTER cooking

Saturated fats
--animal products, coconut oil, and palm oil
--often solid at room temperature
--Very stable under heat and do not easily go rancid. Thus, they are great to use when cooking.

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