365 Ways #189–The 100th Monkey

#189--Ever wonder why I write all of these posts? After all, it's surely not as entertaining as the latest celebrity gossip or even a blog giving investment advice. Maybe it's my ego--foolhardy enough to believe that anybody's listening (or reading for my hypothetical, literal-minded reader). Really I'm just trying to inform, educate, and get folks thinking. I want to make as many people as possible conscious--aware of something other than themselves so they can be actually aware of themselves--that we reach critical mass in our values and beliefs. I want to reach the 100th monkey.

The 100th Monkey Theory is an idea proposed by the late Dr. Lyall Watson. According to Watson, monkeys on the Japanese Island of Koshima learned to wash sweet potatoes in the water before they ate them. The habit began with one monkey and spread to another until the whole island was doing it. The crazy part is, once a certain number of monkeys were washing their potatoes, all of them began doing it--including monkeys on entirely separate islands!

While many "experts" debate the validity of such a claim, Rupert Sheldrake in his theory of morphic resonance explains "the increasing ease with which new skills are learned as greater quantities of a population acquire them." I can believe that. After all, there was a time when most people believed the earth was flat. And, indeed, it was--for them. There was a time when the 4 minute mile was a barrier which could never be broken. Until it was.

What would happen if enough people woke up and decided to do good? If we woke up and decided to smile. To be happy. To be healthy. If we chose to make decisions which benefited our world instead of our wallets. If everyone could honor life so everyone could truly live.

Be the 100th...

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