365 Ways #192–if you thought kudzu was bad

#192--Ten species of Roundup-resistant weeds have been documented in 22 states.
So now conventional farmers are adding more chemicals to their toxic weed-control protocols. Some are supplementing Roundup with a second or even third herbicide as if the “bigger hammer” theory works in agriculture. Thus the amount of toxic runoff leaching from fields into our waterways in increasing while the health of our planet (WHICH MEANS OUR HEALTH, TOO) is quickly failing. Send Monsanto a message by NOT buying their products:

–NutraSweet or Equal
–rBGH dairy
–genetically modified Soy and products with Canola

Instead use

–REAL freakin’ sugar or Stevia
–resources from the Invisible Gardner web page: http://www.invisiblegardener.com/
–Organic Dairy, preferably raw
–Organic Foods which currently cannot be genetically modified, but Monsanto is working on that…
–any number of sleep aids including milk with honey and gelatin and salt, magnesium, and turning the damn t.v. off!

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