365 Ways #205–PSYCHE! It’s not Sciatica

#205--Pain associated with a tight tensor fascia lata (TFL) or iliotibial band (ITB) is often mistakenly diagnosed as sciatica. These areas should definitely be suspect if pain is worse in the morning. When sleeping in the side-lying position, a pillow should be placed between the legs to keep the leg on top in abduction while at the same time supporting the foot of that leg. Failure to do so will cause the foot to drop into inversion. Since the peroneal branch of the sciatic nerve passes over the neck of the fibula and under the fibers of the peroneus longus muscle, this position of the foot puts tension on the TFL and ITB resulting in peroneal nerve irritation and increased symptoms of "sciatic" pain. Myofascial work, stretching, hydration, and nutrition will improve the actual tissue. And placing your pillow in the right place will help, too.

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