365 Ways #215–Listen to the Garbage Collectors

#215--90% of people suffer from parasite and/or fungal infections. The primary reasons are due to lifestyle which bring levels of vitality down to a threshold where Nature decides it would be better to start over than to let you procreate–She doesn’t want to perpetuate weakness. So along come her garbage collectors to give you a warning and now you have a parasite or fungal infection. If you ignore this warning and continue living contrary to the Six Foundational Principles of Health (see my article with the same title to learn more), the next progression is an illness which will then progress to disease and eventually to death. So if Mother Nature is trying to tell you something, don’t just shoot the messengers. If you keep treating the symptom via Vagisil or Tinactin, she’ll find a way to get you to pay attention sooner or later!

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