365 Ways #217–The dogma of diet

#217--Along with a mountain of other intake forms, I ask new clients to take a test to metabolically type them. Based on William Wolcott's The Metabolic Typing Diet, the results can sometimes be misleading. The problem is the person taking the test is often not the client--it's the person/people the client has read or believes to be true. So if the client believes the lipid hypothesis and thinks fat is the enemy, then his/her answers will reflect that. This client will typically score as a mixed oxidizer or even a carbohydrate type. And unless the client has dark skin or ancestors who lived near the equator, I'm often suspect of the results. But as we are able to work on the other Foundational Factors and move the client toward health, the connection with their body becomes stronger. Signals which ill health often muted come through loud and clear now. Re-testing then will usually give a more accurate and different result than the fist time the test was taken.

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