365 Ways #225–My Health Care Solution

#225--The U.S. spent about 2.3 TRILLION dollars on health care in 2008. That's $7,681 per person, more than double the per capita spending of other industrialized nations. If the current spending rate continues, more than one out of every four dollars of the GDP will be spent on health care by the year 2025. Much of this rise can be attributed to how we're NOT taking care of ourselves. Kidney transplants have increased by one-third in the past ten years. And in that same time, knee replacements in adults over 45 shot up by 70%. There has been lots of debate about what to do to counter the rising cost of health care in this country with some believing that some sort of rationing is inevitable. Congress's answer was to pass the Affordable Care Act which President Obama signed into law this past March. But there really is only one solution.

You want to re-vamp health care in this country?


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