365 Ways #232–Body Signs

#232--Some common signs and how to read them:

ACNE--sign of blood sugar regulation or detox problems.
DILATED CAPILLARIES in cheeks/nose--sign of alcoholism or hypochloridria
BUMPS ON ARMS--sign of Vit A deficiency.
SLOW WOUND HEALING--sign of zinc or VIT C deficiency, or diabetes.
SKIN TAGS--multiple skin pigments on neck or upper arm is a sign of blood sugar regulation problems.
VERTICAL LINES ON CENTER of FOREHEAD--sign of gastric discomfort.
SPOONING OF NAILS--sign of iron deficiency.
SOFT NAILS OR POOR GROWTH--sign of hypochlorhydria and mineral deficiency.
CRACKING OF TIPS OF FINGERS--sign of zinc deficiency.
RED TIPS TO FINGERS--sign of mercury toxicity.
RIDGES TO FINGERNAILS--sign of multiple mineral deficiency.

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