365 Ways #233–Don’t use it so you can lose it

#233--I used to be an addict. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion classifies this substance as a class 1 narcotic and more addictive than heroin. Combine that with an admittedly addictive personality and that fact that what I was addicted to was so readily available, and it's a bit more obvious why I had such a problem--with sugar. A habit-forming substance utilized to alter mood or energy level while impacting health, lots of people have a problem with sugar. And just like any other drug, our bodies have built up a tolerance to it such that we need more and more of it to get the same "high". And our dealers--the food manufacturers--are more than happy to oblige. The typical cereal is over half sugar. Read the ingredient label. Anything you see ending in "ose" is sugar. Of course, it hides in other ingredients, too, now. Agave nectar, corn syrup, honey. It's all sugar. And the grains which are ubiquitous in our diet also covert to sugar quite readily in the body.

I broke myself of this habit when I eliminated gluten from my diet. I figured if I was going to ask my clients to give up gluten for their health, I better be able to practice what I preach. And the first couple of weeks were difficult. The cereals and breads which had become staples in my diet (as the USDA's food pyramid has brainwashed many of us into believing is healthy) were constantly tempting me. Until one day they weren't.

I came home from a bike ride and, out of habit, made myself a bowl of cereal. It was some "healthy" granola which I complimented with some fresh berries and nuts to actually give it nutrition. As is typical of most people who exercise, I figured I was an athlete--I could eat whatever I wanted. But after the first couple of bites I had to trash it. It was just too damn sweet. I'd stayed away from cereal for so long that it's sweetness repulsed me. By avoiding grains and other processed carbohydrates my taste buds could actually recognize sugar in my food again. I hadn't tailored my diet around my addiction anymore so I lost my desire for the drug.

Do you have a problem? The first step in solving it is admitting you do.

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