365 Ways #234–Intestinal Math

#234--Fractal Geometry (or a fractal) is a complex shape which, when examined more closely, reveals a self repeating pattern. Examples in nature include clouds, coastlines, mountains, snowflakes, and human intestines. This last example I bring up to make a point. The beauty of this self repeating pattern is that it effectively increases the surface area of the intestine without taking up more space. More surface area = a greater ability to absorb nutrients. Unfortunately, many foods common in the Standard American Diet (SAD) create inflammation in the gut and literally destroy parts of the intestinal wall (like the microvilli) so that enzyme production goes down with a proportionate decrease in the potential for nutrient absorption. The end result is a person who cannot effectively digest fats or sugars (like lactase) or assimilate the nutrition in a given food. Inevitably this person ends up with a host of health complaints and an appetite which is never satiated since many nutrient requirements are not being met. Health begins in the gut, people!

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