365 Ways #236–The Gluten Free Gut

#236--I’m on a one man mission to put a dent in the wheat industry by convincing my clients to go gluten free. In every case, the person who takes on this challenge is rewarded by an increase in health. Of course, I have plenty who are too addicted to their grains to really give it a shot. The excuses are usually attempts to justify excessive consumption of breads/pastas (which displaces nutrition), and I will typically hear something like “but I love my ____!” What they really mean is they love being sick. And even though any adverse immune reaction will often become less because they eat it frequently–maybe to the point where it’s easily ignored–I have a question for you: which fire does the most damage? The one which burns hard and fast and gets your attention immediately; or the one which smolders for years and slowly destroys your vitality as you fuel it with anti-nutrients that most of us aren’t designed to eat?

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