365 Ways #252–Take two days and call me in the morning

#252--Overuse of antibiotics in humans for common maladies (i.e. ear infections, bronchitis, sore throat, etc–all of which are typically VIRAL and do not respond to antibiotics) fosters an overgrowth of Candida albicans along with other pathogens in the intestines. The small intestine, which under normal circumstances maintains tight junctions between epithelial cells to act as a physical barrier to outside invaders while allowing for the absorption of nutrients, is damaged by the secretion of aldehyde by the candida. This substance causes the epithelial cells of the intestine to shrink which allows toxins and undigested food particles to enter the blood stream. There they can set off allergic reactions, autoimmune dysfunctions like arthritis, and even affect the function of the body’s essential organs. So think twice before you go to the doc and ask for something for your cold. Maybe the only thing you really need is good, clean water, adequate sleep, and time.

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