365 Ways #255–How to determine if a restaurant is environmentally conscious

#255--Another one from my friends at www.localplanet.com, specifically Lewis Perkins:

Top Ten Question To Ask When Determining a GREEN Restaurant

1. Do they source organic and local food? This includes farmed produce as well as organic dairy and socially & environmentally responsible meat, poultry and fish.
2. Do they compost? Do they donate food to food banks or shelter?
3. Is oil or grease recycled for bio-fuel or other sustainable purposes?
4. Do they grow their own herbs or vegetables? Has space been designated in our outside the restaurant for kitchen scraps/ and reuse spent grease for biofuel?
5. Do they Recycle paper, metal, glass, plastics?
6. Are they mindful of selecting products which do not use plastics, Styrofoam, excess paper waste?
7. Are they Green Cleaning with natural cleaners or less toxic, low VOC emitting cleaners?
8. Do they have water efficiency policies and water conservation measures?
9. Are they located near Public Transportation or are you required to drive a car?
10. Are the buildings green? Do they maintain green facilities, such as LEED certified buildings? Or have they even implemented any energy efficiency methods - lighting, HVAC, energy star rated appliances, use of natural gas?

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