365 Ways #257–Put a cork in it!

#257--the recycle bin--not the garbage! A group called ReCORK is encouraging U.S. restaurants to recycle used corks so they can be used to replace petroleum based materials in shoes, flooring, sports equipment, and more. Recycling also keeps these items out of landfills (to the tune of 8.6 million so far), protects more than 6 million acres of cork forests in the Mediterranean Basin, and continues to raise awareness of sustainable business and environmental issues. I encourage you to ask your favorite restaurant to get involved–it’s easy. And if they’re not doing so already (there are none in GA currently), it’s probably because they just don’t know. A drop off location for my local readers can be found below. But you can find a location near you by visiting http://recork.org/

Oakhurst Community Garden Project
435 Oakview Road
Decatur, GA, 30030

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