365 Ways #262–The physiological resting position

#262--for the body, it may be in the bed. But for your tongue, it's on the roof of the mouth, right behind the front teeth. Swallowing (in the healthy mouth) should allow the tongue to be properly positioned. Holding the tongue in the physiological resting position is important any time the head is held up against gravity (as in a crunch). This will activate the infra- and suprahyoid muscles. Failure to do so will necessitate using only the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscles and deep cervical flexors to lift the weight of the head, causing hypertrophy of these muscles as well as atrophy of the infra- and suprahyoids. Since the SCM is an extensor of the lower cervical spine and a flexor of the upper cervical spine, this muscular imbalance leads to a forward head posture and possibly hypertonicity and pains in the neck as the deep cervical flexors become overworked. It's also impossible to talk when your tongue is in this position. So the next time some guy's annoying you by counting every single crunch he's doing, give him this tip so you both can benefit.

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