365 Ways #266–The skinny on Skin

#266--Skin is the largest organ in the body, typically accounting for 10% of a person's body weight. Together with the colon, the kidneys, the liver, and the lungs, the skin is one of your organs of detoxification--in fact, it's your largest. It works as a protective shield. But at only 1/20th of an inch thick in most places, the skin will absorb anything applied to it. From there the absorbed substance will pass into the lymphatic and blood systems. And if the applied substance happens to be toxic, then the liver and kidneys must handle the task of trying to neutralize any adverse effects.

The real job of healthy skin is to help eliminate the toxins which accumulate in the body from various sources. It accomplishes this through the hundreds of pores which cover every square inch of skin--it gets rid of toxins through sweat. Thus, exercise, saunas, and things like dry skin brushing help:
--cleanse the pores
--remove dead skin cells
--improve circulation
--stimulate oil-producing glands in the skin
--remove toxins.

Exercise and saunas are probably familiar to you. But dry skin brushing may need some explanation. It's performed using a circular motion with a natural bristle brush over the entire body. Best performed first thing in the morning or right before bed, the brushing should begin at the extremities and head and work in toward the heart. Bathe immediately afterward and notice how your skin literally has a heightened sense of awareness with everything in the outside world and your internal environment.

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