365 Ways #271–Overcoming jet lag

#271--I have a lot of clients who travel for a living, often crossing multiple time zones multiple times during a week. To combat the "jet lag", I give them the following pointers to help re-set their biological clocks:
--expose yourself to light
--expose yourself to exercise
--and expose yourself to food
These three things will go a long way toward tuning the system to the circadian rhythm people should follow based on the time zone in which they find themselves. The first two suggestions work on shifting the HPA axis (Hypothalamic, Pituitary, and Adrenal) and can be extremely beneficial in getting the system aligned with a particular time zone. One final tip would be to drink coffee (organic, of course) in the morning so the caffeine can help trigger a cortisol release as should naturally happen when the sun rises. So, I guess that morning cup of joe (a.k.a. liquid fight or flight) has a place in health after all...

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